NGC 076-135 MBH

NGC 076-135 MBH

Coolex Split System Air Conditioners – NGC Residential Range: 076-135 MBH /415V-3PH-50H

Design features Coolex NGC new generation compact series is the most efficient, quiet and reliable split unit design and developed for high ambient operation
• Split unit design and developed for high ambient operation.
• NGC is Zinc coated to resist the harsh climatic conditions.

Standard features

Condensing Unit Features:

• Unit Casing: The casing sheet metal is fabricated from hot dipped G90, Zinc coating and zero spangle galvanized steel. The external parts are then coated with zinc phosphate and finished with high quality baked enamel. Also zinc plated screws are used throughout the casing.
• Compressor: New extremely high efficient compressors are adopted in our units, which are built to NF, VPE, CSA & UL certification. The compressors are provided with built-in overload protector, time delay circuit and specially designed internal mufflers. Crankcase heaters are used in most of COOLEX models.
• Pressure Switch: Perfectly selected pressure switches are used which shut-off the compressor if suction pressure falls below the pressure settings or if discharge pressure exceeds the pressure settings. It also provides loss of charge and freeze up protection.
• Mild Ambient Control: An integrated mild ambient switch has been provided in the unit, which allows the unit to operate in cooling mode down to 45Deg.F outdoor air temperature.
• Condenser Fan: Propeller type condenser fans are used which precisely match with extra strong fan motor to ensure efficient hot air dissipation.
• Condenser Fan Motor: The condenser fan is driven by 6 pole electric motor which confirms to BS/IES standards, they are totally enclosed air over type electric motors.
• Condenser Coil: The coils are built up of ripple finned seamless copper tubes with specially designed louvered fins in order to achieve maximum heat rejection. Extra large condenser surface area is provided with an advanced refrigerant circuiting arrangement which helps to deliver continuous cooling in the extreme temperature conditions.
• Filter / Drier: High efficient Filter Drier used in order to provide a clean and dry refrigerant to the evaporator for maximum cooling.
• Electrical Panel: The electrical panels are designed is such a way that all unit power wiring enters the unit cabinet at single factory pre-drilled location.

HIGH Quality & Safety Assurance:

• All the condenser coil are pressurized with air for 450 psi and leak tested under water to ensure quality products.
• All our split units are designed and manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certification for outdoor installation.

Optional features NGC/NGE

• Double sine panel: The sandwich construction of the internal and external panels that is exposed to the air steam adds greatly to durability of the coolex unit. The insulation
Will never erode away from a panel clog or impair any system operation.
• Single phasing preventer: Continually monitor the three phase line for adverse condition such as: phase loss or single phasing voltage and phase reversal.
• Return air Grill: Avoiding the return air duct and the unit can be directly kept in the conditioned area
• Evaporator unit base: To place the evaporating unit directly on the base in order to keep in the conditioned area.
• Discharge plenum: To avoid duct work and the air is made to flow directly kept in the conditioned area.
• External overload: Additional protection against every motor burnout caused by overload.
• Isolator switch: A non fused discount switch can be factory mounted for duct electric heater, is another reduction in the unit installation cost.
• Loadable door for the electrical box: Provides easier access to the electrical components.
• Coil cost: Provides extra weathering production and/or condenser coils for without affecting coils thermal efficiency.
• Thinned cooper fins: Provides superior protection against acidic & Corrosive environment.
• Fin guard protection: Can be provided to switch off the unit if there is a fire, upon receiving signal form fire alarm control panel to the unit .
• Electric heater: can be provided in the unit discharge plenum box


Easy Installation:
Every unit is provided with large services spaces and easy to remove panels in order to make it easy for the unit maintenance.

Easy Maintenance:
Every Unit is provided with large service and easy to remove panel in order to make it easy for the unit maintenance.